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Freight Forwarding Company in Delhi

We are one of the oldest and best freight forwarding companies in Delhi. Trusted since 1996, we have spread our wings and conquered the world of logistics services. We are always on our toes to face severe challenges and tackle incredible developments. We aim at growing on a global scale, and setting a benchmark in trading while satisfying our customers is our top priority. If you are looking for an industry expert freight forwarder in Delhi. Custom House Agent is the perfect choice for you. Transport your shipments seamlessly with pre-eminent expert facilities and stay stress-free because we provide you with easy tracking at your fingertips. With the rapid advancements in technology, we aim at revolutionizing the world of international logistics.


Freight Forwarding Services

It is required to be top-notch in not one but the services provided to stand out in this age of intense competition. Transportation is of paramount importance, thanks to globalization and the internet. One of the most favored methods of domestic and international transport is freight forwarding, which has gained significance in business and personal use. It is the reason many freight forwarding companies in Delhi with some of the best freight forwarding services have risen and grown, and continue to show a lot of promise. Transporting goods from one destination to another can be done through several carriers like air freight, land freight, and sea freight. But this whole process of freight forwarding services seems challenging just by the thought of it. But the reality is different if you know the right company that will provide you with hassle-free and expert freight forwarding services in India.

Freight Forwarding Services We Provide in Delhi

air freight forwarding

1. Air Freight Forwarding

Air courier is expensive and there's a better method of air shipping, which costs much less than air couriers. we can ship your goods at less than half the price of the air courier. 

sea freight forwarding

2. Sea Freight Forwarding

With an emphasis on the traffic lanes connecting numerous destinations abroad, Custom house agents comprehensive sea freight forwarder programs offer full access to the information and competitive rates. 

land freight forwarding

3. Land Freight Forwarding

Being engaged in delivering reliable & efficient Land Freight Services, We assure the safety and security of all critical & sensitive shipments.


Why Choose us- Best Freight Forwarders in Delhi

  1. Offers standard freight management services, including air, sea, project, road, and sea/air to
  2. A balance of urgency and cost-effectiveness on  day-to-day shipments
  3. Airfreight, sea freight, customs clearance, warehousing, express delivery, personal baggage, project cargo service, and logistics solution
  4. Freight forwarding services being high-priced, we ensure a cost-effective, quality service. Handling all shipments most reliably and professionally is the perfect choice for businesses requiring time-critical delivery. Hassle-free and commitment-bound delivery is the core strength of the custom-house agent, a prominent Freight Forwarder in Delhi. Taking care of all levels, including customs clearance, We also help take the pressure off your hands with all under one roof facilities.
    The Range of Services Offered:
  5. We provide a myriad of services, meeting all your transportation needs in the most efficient way possible.
  6. The services offered include:
    Air Freight - Direct & Consolidation Services
    Custom Clearance & Forwarding Services
    Automated Shipment Status Tracking
    Multi-Modal Transport Operators
    Warehousing & Distribution